Hi! We are Krissy and Dwayne Schofield, a husband and wife team who have become passionate about optimizing our health and sharing our self-experimentation and biohacking animal-based nutrition journey with others. But it wasn't that long ago that we each found ourselves at our unhealthiest point.

Over the last year we both have had the opportunity to improve our health in ways none of us thought possible. We feel 10 years younger and in many ways look better than we did back then. Our journeys involved a lot of personal experimentation, also known as “biohacking”. It has become one of our passions to discover new “health hacks” to help us continue to feel our best and to share our progress and tips with others. 

We understand everyone is different and the best way to determine what works for each individual is to experiment yourself. Our goal is to help inspire others to discover their own health potential while we continue to share OUR journey to infinite health.

Check out our stories and transformation pictures below, as well as what health and physical challenges we've each overcome.

~ Krissy & Dwayne 

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Dwayne's Story

My Background: 

I was born and raised in Nova Scotia Canada where we currently live. I competed and coached at a national level in snowboarding until my early 20's. After retiring from the professional snowboarding scene I started an agency to represent and market brands to retailers. This is still what Krissy and I do as our main business. 

How I Came to the Carnivore WOE:

In January 2019 I was on a snowmobile trip in the mountains where I got stuck in a large drift in the woods. I was struggling to get my sled out and actually started having a panic attack because I felt so out of shape that I didn't know how I was going to get my sled out and get back to shelter that night. It really hit me, I was just about to turn 41 and had let myself get so out of shape it was affecting my ability to enjoy the things I loved. I thought to myself if I felt this way at 41 what was I going to be feeling like at 51, 61.... if this continues. In the 12 months leading up to this I had several kidney stone attacks (some had to be surgically removed), chronic acid reflux, asthma attacks (one caused hospitalization), huge eczema patches, very low energy, and was at my highest ever weight.  

It all came to a head that day on the trail. I knew right then and there things needed to change and change fast. I came back from that trip and started diving into YouTube videos to find how I was going to get back in shape. I know many ways of losing weight as I had done it before, but I was looking for something more than just calories in vs calories out. I've done this in the past, hated what I was eating, and spent way too much time on cardio machines. There had to be a better way. Having tried Keto for periods before and having good results I knew low carb was going to be my best bet, but I wanted to consume as much information on this as I could. I found channels from Dr. Ken Berry and immediately liked his message. I found new info on fasting and low carb and implemented these right away. I moved from YouTube to consuming podcasts. 

I have to admit I did think Carnivore was crazy at first. But the more I listened to the information the more I came to understand us as humans and what I felt was the proper human diet so I dove in head first. My wife Krissy thought I was nuts. She was happy to go Keto, but it was heavy veg Keto. For the next two months she could see all the positive changes it was having on me, especially in my eczema and mood. I've had very bad eczema all my life since birth and nothing I had done through any medical intervention or previous diet changes had ever had any success (or even slightly helping) and here while eating Carnivore it was completely going away! Benefit after benefit kept coming as I continued with this way of eating. She decided it was time to try this and the rest is history as they say.

Benefits Dwayne's Seen from the Carnivore WOE:

- Eczema completely healed  

- Asthma gone

- Kidney stones eliminated

- Mood much more stable and able to handle stress easier 

- Skin much more tolerant to the sun, no sun burns 

- Eyes turned blue! 

- Lost 70lb with total body recomposition 

- Solved chronic acid reflux 

- Cured food addictions 

My life has totally changed in ways I never thought possible since adopting the carnivore WOE and my health has never been better. 

Be well,


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Krissy's Story

My Background: 

I always had an interest in health from the time I was young when I worked as a lifeguard, swam, and was very active. I originally wanted to become a doctor to help others with their health so my first degree was in Biology. 

I discovered the importance of nutrition for health in my last year of my biology degree and took a nutrition course. I fell in love with nutrition science and physiology and decided to go back to school to study nutrition. I got my Bachelors of Science in Applied Human Nutrition and became registered as a Dietitian in 2009. I was also a certified personal trainer and started my own private practice/private training studio after this where I worked with clients looking for fat loss and building muscle, as well as fitness athletes.  

Why Vegan: 

I was always considered healthy, fit, and active. I followed the recommended "balanced diet" with lots of variety and the common nutritious foods but had to make modifications due to having IBS such as cutting out dairy and gluten. I was very conscious of making healthy choices based on the nutrition guidelines I learned in school. 

My husband Dwayne and I love learning about health so one day he started watching the documentary “Forks Over Knives" and decided he wanted to give a plant-based diet a try. I was not convinced at first because a plant-based diet was not a common practice when I studied nutrition and I wanted to be objective. Then we watched "Vegucated" and "Earthlings" and like many others I was terrified into believing animal products were bad for long-term health. I did some research at that time based on the resources provided in these documentaries and decided to join Dwayne. I didn't realize at the time how one sided this research was however. I took a course in plant-based nutrition and was determined to prove it was possible to thrive on a vegan diet. 

The Health Decline:

I felt great in my first year as a vegan. We now know this as the "vegan honeymoon phase". Maybe it's because I thought I was doing the best thing for my health, the environment and the animals but it was after my first year as a whole foods vegan that my health started to decline. 

I discovered I had low iron and vitamin D. I also developed chronic fatigue and chronic pain, was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis started to get skin issues and eczema patches for the first time in my life, my hormones were out of whack which was affecting my mood and cycles, my digestion was awful (even though I wasn't consuming gluten and I soaked everything), and I developed anxiety and mild depression. I also slowly started to gain weight which I never struggled with in the past. 

I started to see a naturopath who prescribed me natural supplements in addition to the iron and vitamin D I was now taking. I also took B12, a multivitamin, and plant-based omega-3 oil all while following a balanced whole foods plant-based diet. Of course all of the vegans will tell me "I didn't do it right" but if anyone researched hard enough on how to it was me! After-all I was determined to make it work because I also coaching vegan clients and made a whole business around plant-based diets and challenges. I was known as an expert in the industry and has a big social media following so of course I wanted to make this work. 

I didn't eat processed vegan foods or junk. I ate a lot of avocados, chickpeas, lentils, vegetables, low sugar fruits, nuts and seeds, gluten-free whole grains, coconut oil, nutritional yeast, and drank only water and tea. I did not restrict calories and I prepared all of my meals at home. I also experimented with a variety of different eating protocols to see if that would help including high carb low fat, lower carb higher fat, I tried supplementing with pea and rice protein in my green smoothie. I even used a vegan coach to help me. I felt like I was constantly eating in order to make sure I was meeting my needs.

Yes to Meat: 

It was after my 2nd year as a vegan my naturopath suggested I add in some animal products so I tried adding eggs back in and did this for another year. I then tried adding fish back in a did this for another year. And finally I added dairy back in for my 3rd year as a vegetarian. So just to be clear I was a strict vegan for 2 years and vegetarian for 3 more for 5 years total. At this point I was still supplementing and ate vegan meals weekly because I still believed it was the healthiest choice and I was determined to go back after my deficiencies resolved. 

Unfortunately my deficiencies did not get better and my symptoms kept getting worse and worse to the point I didn't want to get out of bed in the morning. I couldn't work out anymore and I had to stop coaching clients during this time because I didn't know how I was going to help others if I couldn't help myself. One summer evening in 2017 Dwayne was grilling hamburgers (he only lasted 6 weeks as a vegan by the way) and I had the overwhelming feeling to eat one for the first time in years. So I did! I felt so amazing afterwards and had so much energy I decided to add meat back into my diet because I knew my body was telling me something. I had no problem digesting it either. It only took a few months for my iron levels to shoot up and I stopped supplementing. My digestion also got a lot better. 

Why Carnivore: 

While many of my symptoms had improved once I added meat back into my diet I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and interstitial cystitis after seeking answers and treatment from literally every alternative health practitioner out there. I did several elimination diets after getting my diagnosis and kept discovering more and more triggers that would flare up my symptoms. We have done Keto in the past and I was determined to lose the 30lbs I had slowly put on over the past few years so in January 2019 I decided to try a clean Keto diet with intermittent fasting (basically fatty meat & veggies). After 3 months my symptoms started to get better (mainly my energy) and I lost 20 lbs. 

During this time Dwayne started following a carnivore WOE and I thought he was nuts. He kept sending me videos and research though and told me it was basically the most extreme (and accurate) elimination diet out there. I watched him do it for a few months while I kept eating my veggies and he was seeing amazing results. I decided I couldn't say anything against it until I tried it myself and had the goal of doing it for 1 month as an elimination diet, adding foods back in one at a time. 

Within a few weeks my brain fog totally went away, my stomach was no longer bloated, and I had amazing energy. After the month my chronic pain was 80% gone and my eczema disappeared. I did try to add foods back in one at a time starting with avocados and then sauerkraut and my homemade sugar-free coconut yogurt but all of my symptoms came back. I was feeling so good on carnivore I decided to keep doing it until I felt like it was time to play around again. I lost 10 more lbs by the time summer came and looked and felt 10 years younger. 

I've tried playing around with adding some things back in like blueberries and some other low-sugar fruits and vegetables here and there but symptoms always come back. I've now been carnivore since May 2019 and feel like it's the easiest WOE I've ever followed. I have zero cravings and am happy with eating fatty ribeyes every night. 

Benefits Krissy's Seen from the Carnivore WOE:

- Fibromyalgia and chronic pain symptoms 95% gone (still have a little chronic neck pain due to an old injury)

- Chronic fatigue eliminated 

- Interstitial cystitis gone

- Eczema disappeared

- IBS healed

- Anxiety & depression eliminated

- Stress levels and mood stabilized 

- Hormones (cycles) balanced 

- Food cravings & addictions eliminated 

- Body weight & body recomposition (lost 30 lbs of fat)

- Able to do heavy weight workouts again 

The carnivore WOE has literally changed my life and eliminated all inflammation when nothing else would work. 

Why I Resigned as a Dietitian:

In our extensive research of the Keto and the Carnivore WOE we've learned a lot about anti-nutrients and their role in chronic inflammation and autoimmune conditions. I was also shocked to learn about the history of nutrition recommendations by following the research of Nina Teicolz & Gary Taubes, and how there is a huge plant-based agenda behind our current recommendations from listening to the experience of Gary Fettke and Tim Noakes. As someone who saw the negative effects of making more plant-based choices first hand I just could not recommend the new food guide that prioritized carbohydrates and does not emphasize the importance of fat or animal foods, still based on outdated and misleading data that saturated fat should be limited. Since I was not currently practicing as a dietitian I decided to resign my designation. 

In January 2020 Dwayne and I joined forces starting @ourinfinitehealth on instagram dedicated to sharing our journey and helping others interested in taking their health back. We post free content and have become passionate about sharing our WOE and other health (bio) hacks. Follow us and reach out with any questions. 

Yours in health,


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